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Is a marketing service company providing Merchants doing business as retailers and over the web with Internet marketing programs, direct merchant accounts to domestic and international banks, world class customer services, and Quality assurance to help protect your business.

As a merchant doing business, there are many aspects of running a successful and profitable business that we can help you with so you can focus on the key issues in your business. We have years of experience in retail and online marketing, as well as working with banks that process credit cards for all types of businesses. Let us help you meet these challenges.

Professional Staff
Our professional and dedicated staff will assist each client to obtain a merchant account that meets their needs and expectations. We offer fast turnaround on applications and competitive rates. Many of our clients choose us because we focus on providing them with the merchant account to meet their business needs while they focus on running their business, selling their products, and delivering their services. And, as their business grows, we help them by growing their merchant account services.
Secure, Safe, and Fast

As an authorized agent of PaySafe We work with banks globally and know how best to find the right banking solution for your business so that you can process your transactions “Secure, Safe, and Fast!”

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Customer Service

Our customer service team is fully trained in transaction processing and is here to serve you and your customers so that you can focus on your business while we help you with processing your customers’ sales.
Online Application

Apply for your new merchant account with no applications fees, and if you have an existing credit card terminal, we will reprogram it for free as well. Guaranteed Lowest Price means You Pay $0.00 to get set-up with your own merchant account, Free Online Terminal, Credit Card Machine, iPhone, iPad Application. Free reprogramming and free ecommerce shopping cart set-up.
Chargeback Management

DeltaPay International can help merchants manage their risk and reduce the number of chargebacks with its antifraud system and customer service transaction verification. In the event of a chargeback we will help you dispute the chargeback and reverse the charges. This not only saves you money but protects your merchant account from being fined or closed.
We're Ready & Reliable

Our team is only a call or click away and we'll be happy to assist you.

Our value-added services are part of what makes us your best option for a business account provider.

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